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Fives Lund has experience with Comau, KUKA and ABB robotics systems through development of robotic solutions for the aerospace and food service industries. Through our partnership with DyAG we extend our experience to Fanuc Robotics in the automotive and packaging industries. We’re able to work with any robotic platform to best serve the application and our clients.


Fives Lund’s unique offering in open robotics frees us to integrate robotic kinematics at the controller level. Features like microsecond I/O timing, real-time control of external processes, complex kinematics, custom manipulators, and tailored user-interfaces, are all possible at the integrator level on a common controller.

In addition to opening up off-the-shelf robots to extensive customization, custom kinematics allows improvements to pose and path accuracy of a robot by almost an order of magnitude, and enables it to run G-Code and other path-based process programs, as opposed to traditional teaching-based programming methods.

In one case, the pose accuracy of a 2.7m, 220kg payload robot was improved from 2mm to 0.245mm without any mechanical modifications.

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